Barkley Sound, BC, Canada

Ollie Davey was born in Akaroa and has 20 years of sailing experience on a wide range of yachts around New Zealand and overseas.

He is a keen yacht racer who also enjoys cruising on keelboats and dinghies and is an experienced windsurfer and surfer. He has introduced many people to the sports of sailing and windsurfing by coaching adults and youth from the learn-to-sail stage.

In 2015 he spent 4 months living on Vancouver Island in Canada where he cruised the south west coast on a 39ft Beneteau and sailed in the Melges 24 Class in Victoria, BC. In the winter of 2016 he worked on a whale-watch boat with the humpback whales in Hervey Bay, Australia and has recently returned from working the 2017 Winter in North Queensland on a 50ft Lagoon Sailing Catamaran running snorkelling tours on the Great Barrier Reef.

He holds his SRL 24 metre, MEC6 (Maritime New Zealand) and has completed the following coaching courses:
- Yachting New Zealand Learn to Sail Coach - Dinghy and Keelboat
- Yachting New Zealand Race Coach
- Windsurfing New Zealand Instructor

Banks Peninsula, New Zealand.