Learn to Sail

Improve your skills with one of our Learn-to-Sail options.

1. Intoduction to Sailing - 3hrs - $100/person

This option covers more in-depth the skills required to sail / crew on a keelboat. You will get to try different positions on the boat during manoeuvres like tacking / gybing, sailing upwind and downwind.


2. Yachting New Zealand Courses - Introduction to Keelboat Sailing - Level 1 - 10+ hours - $450/person

This option runs either over 2 days (2 x 5 hour sessions) or 4 afternoons (4 x 2.5 hour sessions)
This level provides a safe and enjoyable introduction to keelboat sailing. It includes essential safety skills necessary for sailors to participate in sailing in the most enjoyable way. Sailors will learn the basics of yachting which will lead onto Level Two and beyond.
All participants should be 16 years or older and must be able to swim (a minimum of 50 meters whilst wearing a buoyancy aid).

Some of the main modules included in this course:
• Essential safety skills and equipment
• Parts of boat and sailing definitions
• Steering a yacht and crew positions
• Wind awareness and sail settings
• Hoisting, lowering of sails and reefing
• Weather and suitable clothing for different conditions
• Knowledge of give way rules and learning knots
Once all modules have been completed and signed by your instructor a Level 1 certificate will be issued.

Intoduction to Sailing

Learn-to-Sail Course


3. Advanced Sailing Coaching
Can be given on demand and custom courses or sessions can be designed to suit.

4. Windsurfing Coaching
Private windsurfing coaching from beginner to advanced can be given on demand.

Phone: 027 419 0592 to make a booking